ShadowLight Project


ShadowLight is an immersive, 360-degree exhibit within a replica WWII cattle car. It was designed with the intent of informing people of all ages about the holocaust to effectively pass on the universal messages of this history in an engaging manner. It originated for students, from students.


The mission of Shadow Light is to enable people of all ages, especially students, to connect to the Holocaust on a personal level, both emotionally and physically and inspire them to make a positive impact on the current world through infusing them with a sense of responsibility and empowerment. The car is designed to move from locations to spread awareness amongst Ontario, Canada.


We support the initiative as Holocaust education fades from recent memory and the first-hand witnesses to the atrocities diminish in number, it is crucial to effectively pass on the universal messages of this history in an engaging manner. The cattle car plays recorded voices. In these recordings, survivors shared their experiences being transported in a similar cattle car to the replica that visitors were standing in.


Yids On Wheels has chosen this organization as their charity for 2021, we highly recommend the experience. 

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JMA Giving Back

Our involvement with The Jewish Motorcycle Alliance. The Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance, founded in 2004, is a worldwide community of 44 independent Jewish motorcycle clubs from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, and Israel.


The JMA first “meet in greet”, in Delaware, was attended by 69 bikes and 100 participants from “Semites on Bikes”, “Chai Riders”, “Hillels Angels”, “King David Bikers” and the “YOWMTC”.  The following year, the word got around, club memberships doubled and today we number over 2500 members in 44 clubs!


The highlight of each year is the ‘R2R’, Ride to Remember. Our first, in 2005, was a very moving visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, followed by one of the most well known of rides to Whitwell. Informally known as the Paper Clip Ride, in honor of the documentary, the ride honored the Whitwell middle school for its renown groundbreaking holocaust education program. The JMA made a donation of 6 “Smart Boards” to the school and from this point forward the “R2R” has become an annual event to support and promote Holocaust Education in a local community. To date, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been provided to support Holocaust Education.


YOW Toronto is Canada’s oldest and largest Jewish Motorcycle Club. Join, participate and see how much more enjoyable your riding experiences can be with us.

Barrie to Baycrest Giving Back

The Baycrest organization runs a bicycle ride charity event every September, to raise funds for its Brain Research unit. The highly dedicated volunteers and sponsors have raised tens of millions of dollars for this purpose since the ride’s inception in 1998.


YOWs participation in the Barrie to Baycrest ride began in 1999, one year after the ride became a permanent fundraiser for Baycrest.


YOWs efforts have helped give the bicycle riders on the 100 Km course a greater sense of security and assurance. We do this by marshaling the course; riding the route, managing intersections and communicating service requests back to the first aid or cycle repair services.


YOWs commitment year after year is greeted with many thanks by the organizers and the riders who make the efforts to raise funds needed for this world-class research center.


It’s a great event for the motorcyclists as well as the cyclists.

Giving back to our community is a core value of YOW….be a part of it!