The primary objectives of the club are as follows


Mission Statement

  1. Provide a community for Jewish motorcyclists of all skill levels to participate in a variety of fun and adventurous rides, while helping each other become safer riders.

  2. Support charities and community events that benefit both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in  alignment with the goals and aspirations of the Jewish people.

  3. Provide interactive social events throughout the year where we can share stories, knowledge, ideas, and opinions about motorcycles and motorcycle riding.

Core Values

  1. Operate with the utmost integrity and respect ensuring the YOW's maintain a solid name and reputation.

  2. To promote camaraderie and fellowship amongst our members and the  Jewish communities locally and globally.

  3. We believe in educating against intolerance and anti-Semitism 

  4. Welcome all motorcyclists regardless of faith who wish to support our club values 


The club is governed by an executive that stands for election every two years.


We encourage participation in the executive and by members during our regularly scheduled meetings.

Some of our members perform educational services to schools and organizations, teaching about our club and our work for Holocaust education as some of our members are descendants of Holocaust survivor parents.


We participate in charitable activities that are a benefit to the Jewish community and the wider non-Jewish community.


We strive to promote a greater awareness of motorcycling that would be of interest to our club members.

Virtually every type of motorcycle is represented in the club, and many of our members own more than one. Our riders also vary in skill level from novice to expert.